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QUASYS has developed process training by focusing on the application rather than just acquisition of knowledge of processes. Thus, the training program focuses on creating real-life scenarios and practice activities especially for regulated industries. Process training benefits anybody in a company who needs to execute business processes, fully or partially. Process training is essential for companies, in any industry vertical, to keep up with the stringent demands of a competitive marketplace. We have a variety of approaches for process training, depending on the intensity of training required:

  • Simple, linear step-by-step teaching model, which is presented in the context of a scenario. Reinforcement activities include simple problem-solving questions.
  • Complex decision-tree-based training where the learners explore the multiple process outcomes that are possible based on their decisions.


A variety of training options:
QUASYS technical training options are designed to work for you. We offer a variety of formats that cater to different budgets, schedules and learning styles. We have the ability to provide training on a wide range of technology in IT, Medical Technology and Pharmaceutical research. Browse the information below to discover the training format that best serves your needs.
Training Events:
Learn from a QUASYS experts at one of our training events around the world.These cost-effective, in-depth sessions are held at scheduled times and locations around the world, and are designed to help you work with the required technology. You'll have plenty of hands-on time with the technology, and your questions will be answered by experienced experts.
Private training:
Whether you need product training or preparation for training others on a specific technology, we’ll come to you. Our private training simplifies organizational learning, catering to groups of three or more at your location. Programs and pricing can be customized to meet your needs.


How-to:Learn the how-to-details -- the methodology used to build a successful, profitable, scalable start up.

Experience: Receive the personal guidance of a professional business mentor with real-world experience in company creation, business launch, business growth strategy, and exit/succession planning.

Power: Realize the synergy derived from being part of a small group of like-minded individuals who are band together for a sole purpose.

Confidence: Eliminate any doubts that you have about your lack of ability to start and grow your own successful business.

Cost: Pay a fraction of the cost of traditional offline business classes, self-study courses, and over-priced online coaching programs.


Ever-changing laws and regulations are driving demand for regulatory affairs professionals who can help companies bring medical products to market. Our Regulatory Affairs programs for Drugs, Biologics, and Medical Devices prepares you to manage regulatory activities and is designed to deepen your understanding of current regulations in the development and commercialization of drugs, biologics, and medical device products. Regulatory compliance training is important because regulatory agencies are legally entitled to conduct unannounced inspections if they believe there are suitable grounds for doing so. Therefore, regulatory compliance training is needed so your organization can comply with the European (ICH) and US FDA regulations, specifications, and guidelines. As the leader in continuing education and accredited technical training, QUASYS offers the most state-of-the-art, cutting-edge regulatory compliance training available. Our comprehensive public and private courses run two- to five- days in length and include discussions, case studies, and group exercises which are taught by top industry leaders who share their knowledge in an enthusiastic, interactive manner.


QUASYS research team works with you to prepare and publish white papers based on your technology. We have provided a number of white papers for clients from all over the world.


While implementing quality management systems, many companies need StandardOperating Procedures to satisfy regulatory and quality related requirements, covering technical, process and product requirements. We have more than a dozen year of experience in developing and implementing quality management systems related to highly regulated industries.

QUASYS being run by professionals with experience in technology and process, have a database of tested and proved guidelines used in product development process. We can guide you to select the right one that suits your business.

Clinical Validation
For life science industry, clinical validation is very important regardless of whether it is a literature review or a clinical trial report. We can assist is both with our experience in handing a number of clinical validation projects.